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Center to Advance Racial Equity, Portland State University

How to Propose a Research Projectk


If you are part of an organization or coalition that is in need of research support for the advancement of racial equity, you might be able to get this research support from CARE.  We fundraise through the year to let us conduct somewhere between 5-10 research projects each year. Usually, community needs exceed our ability to respond, so if you are able to contribute to financing this research, your project is more likely to be adopted.


Before you apply to us for help, please discuss your ideas with your organization and your partners. If more organizations support your idea and can make use of the work, there's a better chance your project will be adopted.


When you apply, we will look over your application in a timely way and then call you to discuss your proposal.  If we can agree on a research plan that meets your needs, we'll then look for a student researcher to take on the work, and perhaps a faculty member who is well suited to supervise the project. While we can accept projects throughout the year, we tend to have better success when projects line up with the academic year. This might mean that we need to wait a while to start a project.


TO APPLY: Click HERE to get a copy of our form-fillable (and savable) pdf that you are asked to fill out and submit. If it isn't likley that we have heard of your organization before, please attach a bit more information or link to a website where we might learn a little more. When your material is ready, please send it to

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