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Our Model 

We aim to respond to community requests for research support to advance racial equity. When community groups are advancing the interests of communities of color – in public policy, in institutional policy, in programs and services – they often can benefit from research support. CARE commits the university to responding to as many of these requests as possible.


Community groups addressing the needs of people and communities of color are invited to submit a request for research support to the Center for Racial Equity. We ask interested groups to identity the information they seek to gather though research, the ways in which they anticipate this research will strengthen their advocacy practice, and the desired timelines for the project. Their involvement in shaping the work continues throughout the process. While all research projects are informed by community-based participatory research principles, some organizations elect to be less involved in the research activities and simply request the study of CARE.


While we sometimes work in partnership with mainstream and governmental organizations, the interests of local communities of color need to be reflected in the projects and affirmed as important to their interests.

Research Fellows

We recruit research fellows based on their experience and passion for racial equity research.  We are fortunate to attract several research fellows who hold teaching and research appointments at PSU and other institutions.  At this time, our established research fellows include Alma Trinidad, Connie Kim-Gervey and Greg Schrock.


Mostly, we hire Masters and PhD students for these small research studies. When hiring students, we look for those who understand racial equity and who will easily and effectively partner with our local culturally-specific organizations and coalitions. Our projects vary in terms of the research skills needed: sometimes we need students who are able to conduct literature reviews and environmental scans, and other times need more direct research skills such as data collection through surveys, interviews or focus groups, quantitative analysis of existing or newly collected data sets, or organizational evaluation skills. Occasionally we hire community members and faculty to conduct research projects.


Our research projects are typically quite small - in the $800 to $1500 range.



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PLEASE NOTE... we are unable to process study requests or research fellow applications at this time. We are currently "hibernating" until leadership decisions are made. Please return in the fall of 2017 for updates.