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Center to Advance Racial Equity, Portland State University

The Center to Advance Racial Equity (CARE) was created to advance racial equity in the region of Portland, Oregon, with PSU providing essential supports for community-initiated research requests, and meeting these needs through the provision of high quality, useful research.


The Center to Advance Racial Equity is based within the School of Social Work at PSU and has become a hub for research related to racial equity. It is a publicly-recognized ‘portal’ to bring forward research needs and receive responsive support through the Center. The Center 'brokers’ research requests by tapping into existing and developing research expertise both within the SSW and in other departments, including the School of Gender, Race and Nation.


Ultimately, this Center advances PSU’s explicit commitment to respond to the research priorities of communities of color, and advances our motto, ‘let knowledge serve the city.’

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