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Center to Advance Racial Equity, Portland State University

Purpose Statement

The Center to Advance Racial Equity (CARE) aims to support racial equity by making university resources available for research that can strenghten the foundation of community groups' advocacy, policy practice and programs.


Faculty Supervisors

Ann Curry-Stevens

Alma Trinidad

Greg Schrock


Current Community Partners

Coalition of Communities of Color

New Portlanders Policy Council, City of Portland

Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO)


Current Research Fellows

Marie-Elena Reyes                                 Anne Sinkey                      

Shirin Yekekar                                       Cassie Lovett                                    

Kevin Cherry


Recognition of our prior Research Fellows

Connie Kim-Gervey                              Carmen Butcher-Houston                  

Amira Caluya                                        Matt Chorpenning                              

Myste French                                        Michael Hulshof-Schmidt

Analucia Lopezrevoredo                      Dana Peters

Nadia Yang                                           Alexis Ball

Helen Camden                                     Marjorie McGee                                      






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